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While the description of the Models category is pretty cut and dry and doesn't really make any judgements about the ability of the models contained therein...

Women of print and film advertising and editorials, fashion shows and gracing the covers of countless magazines.

Those for Actresses and Musicians make claims about "talent." Now, I don't know about you, but when I go into either of those forums, I don't see a heck of a lot of talent.

The talented women of films, hollywood, movies and the stage.
Women singers and musicians. Talented groups and solo artists of rock 'n roll, country, pop and more.

This applies to the men, as well, especially the Male Musicians section. Although in terms of ability, the Male Actors seem to hold their own a little better than their female counterparts (it's not about male superiority, but of priorities in Hollywood casting)

Yeah, this is a nitpick, but hey - when you think about it, do you want Lindsey Lohan being labeled as talented? Britney Spears?

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i'm more bothered by the fact that Rocio Guirao dias and vida guerra are labeled as "models" between daria werbowy and gemma ward but i learned to live with it :cain:

Well...they are models. Just not runway models. Thats the forum they belong unless the Bellazon Powers want to make more subforums.

We're actually discussing the forum descriptions among the staff. If you have any suggestions for the forums, please let us know.

Forum descriptions seem alright, just I'd shy away from making value judgements on their ability.

Oh, and I think it would be cool if really popular actresses got their own section(s) like the models do, but that's not really the topic of this thread.

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oh and for Athletes... Olympians are amateurs, so it's redundant to say so. perhaps "Sexy Olympic, professional and other amateur athletes" would be more correct

or just "Professionals and amateurs" - plus, the idea that Olympians are all amateurs is a myth - a lot of them get endorsements and are quite well compensated. They just arent paid by the IOC.

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no, it's not about endorsements, it's about playing in a pro league, which they don't. of course, they have started making exceptions to that, like hoopsters.

Good point. I know they want more exceptions...like Baseball, but MLB was averse to stopping their season (like hockey does) and decided to do the WBC instead.

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baseball, oh please :) can you imagine the hissy that The Boss would throw?? (Boston boy and Montreal guy can gang up on the Yankees!)

I think the dream team stuff is a bit exciting, but I prefer the idea of everyone being amateur. but perhaps it's just too much about money now

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