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Avatar and Signature Request Thread


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:woot: thank you soooooooo much Andrea :hug: I'll miss my old avi, but this one is just sooo cute :D
Omg thank you persuazn soo much! You're awesome and i saw all the other animations you made :drool: Holly shit they're incredible you're really good , I have no idea how to do that.

How do you do it lol?

Btw when i put my avi on , how come it stretches like that ?? And everynody's elses is fine :blink:

Thankss Perrrr'z!

You're welcome guys :hug:

and Betty, You need to have a program that enables u to make gifs such as animation shop, imageready etc ;)

and ennaid answered your question in post #2004 :)

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Persuazn If anybody hasnt already requested Alessandra 5 can I have it please and thank you??

Here u go :)


Thank you persuazn I just have one question I have spent the last hour trying to get it to work.

I tried it on imageshack and it now has an x for my avatar that says offsite file,what am I doing wrong or do I have to go out and buy animation shop??

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