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you could just upload them straight onto bz ya know :whistle:

at the time it wouldn't attach no matter how many times I tried. I have no clue what going on lol

post-1950-1188583941_thumb.png post-1950-1188583983_thumb.png post-1950-1188584043_thumb.pngpost-1950-1188584100_thumb.png post-1950-1188584168_thumb.png post-1950-1188584221_thumb.pngpost-1950-1188584263_thumb.png post-1950-1188584330_thumb.png


Arggg! My co-worker (well actually the guy who travels to do a whole bunch of window displays at different mangos in canada) is in the catalog prepping the models up for the runway show. I asked him if he saw Ana and he didn't know who she was until I pointed her out in the catalog and told him all the work she had done. All he said was, "I figured she must have been somebody because she had 5 outfit changes at the show where as the others had only 2 or 3."

Arrggg, the whole day I kept telling him he was crazy to not get her autograph lol.

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