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yeah--Intimissimi and VS merged together-i think it was the end of 2005 last year.

i read some article on that last year on the web somewhere--i thought it was a rumor or something, i guess it's true== ;) thought it was old news :laugh:

Oh!--ladies thanks for the HOT pictures! :drool: :evil:

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Limited Brands owns VS as well as Intimissimi, and has for a while as far as I know. ;)

Hey! Bro--now i didn't know all of that ;) so i guess its like one BIG company--owning smaller ones ;) and i know of another company that is affiliated with VS--and that is Bath and Bodyworks--and i would suppose others too.

very interesting :yes: you learn something new everyday! :laugh:

well at least if Ana isn't doing VS anymore--she is still somewhat connected to them! ;) her Intimissimi pictures are so HOT! :evil:

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Crap if Ana is official out of VS, that would mean she wont be in the Fashion Show next year??! :cry2:

Eugenia's been doing their shows for the last 4 years (so the last three shows) but she was only featured in their catalog in 2002 as far as i know (and not even for lingerie, it was for general clothing) so not working for VS doesn't mean she can't walk their runway :p

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