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Preferred hair?

Guest quasicartes

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Guest quasicartes
woops... am i supposed to be talking in here? because the forum is called "general guy discussion"... so are only guys supposed to talk here or what???  :huh:  :blink:  :dontgetit:  :/  :ninja:

everyone's welcome

this thread was created to talk about

what hairstyle that guys themselves love,

and what hairstyle that girls love to see on guys...

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Pretty hard choice, I mean: I really do like short hair, but there are a lot of guys out there who manage to look great with longer hair. Ummm....I'm gonna go for a bit longer this time, because a lot have already chosen short.

But it has to be somehwat curly. I really hate this sleek thing going on. I think sleek long hair on guys looks absolutely rediculous. But that's just my opinion.

There have to be a lot of girls who do like it, or else it wouldn't be seen that often. :huh:

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