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Veronika Istomina


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Fashion model Veronika Istomina from Moscow photographed by fashion photographer Tony Ellis New York.


Photographer: Tony Ellis   @tonyellisnyc   Website

Model: Veronika Istomina @istomina_nikki facebook

MUA: Amanda Wilson  @amandawilsonmakeup

Hair: Kelsey Olafson @kelseyolafson

Stylist: Soukena Jean Jacques @soukenarebel

Location: Brooklyn Grain Studio


97cc21447637341.jpg 8d37b8447637344.jpg c40fed447637350.jpg 909f15447637354.jpg fccb54447637359.jpg 7bc26a447637362.jpg ae6665447637367.jpg 4b1705447637371.jpg


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