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Sons & Daughters

Jimmy Changa

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Stylistically, I suppose it is similar, yes. The intro says some of the dialogue is improvised. What's great about it is that everyone is funny in their own way, from the 4 year old, to the grandmas. Quirky and funny as hell (not that hell is funny). OMG, i have to be careful when I eat or drink when I'm watching this show lest something gets projected from my nose. :|

Seriously paraphrased scene.....

[mom & dad in bed]

Mom: "Good morning honey, Happy Birthday!"

Dad: "Aww, thanks"

Mom: "Have you decided what you want for your birthday?"

Dad: [big grin] "How about a birthday B-L..."

[kids walk in]

Daughter: "a 'BL what' dad?"

Mom: "umm, a BL...T...yeah, a BLT sandwich"

Son: "What's that?"

Mom: "It's a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich"

Son: "I don't like BLT's"

Dad: "You will, son, you will"


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