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Thanks for UHQ ^

Fidelia Lingerie images, 2 new and in bigger size.

post-13850-0-1446012718-86115_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012718-87307_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012718-87862_thumb.jpg th_daef6d196822530.jpg/monthly_06_2012/post-13850-0-1446012718-88396_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2545328" alt="post-13850-0-1446012718-88396_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="74.82">

I wish her lingerie line campaigns looked more like this, I mean the scenery and not in a studio...Love the old LA mansion. :wub:

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Some are new in HQ. thanks to marceloR for the link :)

Vogue Eyewear: from national to international

Vogue Eyewear is an interesting brand. Seemingly simple. Extremely difficult.

The brands roots are in Italy where it was founded in 1979, echoing the name of the world’s most famous fashion magazine and meaning fashion itself. The brand grew greatly in Italy thanks to a brilliant combination of price, product, quality and representation. The models used in advertising were always local heroes and Vogue Eyewear, incidentally, was using famous testimonials before that became the norm.

Despite being an important brand in Italy, Vogue Eyewear had yet to increase its reach outside its home borders. In 2005, when Luxottica management changed, the opportunity to take the winning recipe internationally became a focus.

Yet the market had changed. There were/are hundreds of licensed brands and viable fast fashion offers to contend with. We needed a strategy that was going to get us attention quickly, confirm us as a solid solution that knew how to blend price, style, and be credible in the fashion world.

And so we moved from using local superheroes to faces that were recognizable around the world. People that were known for fashion, for being accessible and for being key players. Since then Vogue Eyewear has only worked with the biggest names in the fashion business: Gisele, Daria, Kate, Mario. And an international brand was born.

From the 2006/2007 campaigns by Mario Sorrenti

post-13850-0-1446012722-09137_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-12069_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-12846_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-13589_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-1437_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-15958_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-16625_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-17834_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-20217_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-21473_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-22097_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-24857_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-25433_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446012722-25998_thumb.jpg


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