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More from the celebration of the 42nd Annual Super Bowl in Paradise Valley, Arizona, February 2. :drool:

th_00995_bowlcelebutopia2_122_575lo.jpg th_00996_bowlcelebutopia3_122_506lo.jpg th_01011_bowlcelebutopia7_122_217lo.jpg th_01012_bowlcelebutopia8_122_539lo.jpg th_01020_bowlcelebutopia10_122_450lo.jpg th_01009_bowlcelebutopia11_122_825lo.jpg

Credit to palpatine @ celebutopia

BTW I am stuck watching the Superbowl on the BBC tonight - and I have a strong suspicion that the international feed won't include all the commercials. :( Thank god for the internet though lol!

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