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She grew up based on one of the most solid foundations of the world, the family. Still as teenager, left little Horizontina, in Rio Grande do Sul, and grew wings to lift one of the most daring and successful fashion flights. It became the highest-paid model in the world, won the title of übermodel and made ​​history in the fashion universe. The transformations in the life of Gisele Bundchen (34) were intense. Something, however, remained intact: roots. "I came from a family of simple customs, where there was a lot of love and where I learned early on values ​​that guide me today," she said, speaking of another decisive step, the parting of the walkways. "Family is the foundation of everything and I am happy taking care of my family. My dream was always to form a family and be a mother. I feel it's time to focus on that, "attested to the elected of Tom Brad y (37), who has Benjamin (5) and Vivian Lake (2).

Who supported her throughout these 20 years of trajectory, again was there, supporting and caring. Among parents, Valdir (64) and Vanya (65), and sisters, Patricia (34), twin Gisele,Rafaela (27), Graziela (38), the heiress, Carolina, Rachel (41), with its Duda (8) and Gabriela(32), and the beloved, übermodel said goodbye to the atmosphere of bastidodores and sought the clan forces and certainties to make the last show of career, during the 39th Fashion Week, by Colcci. There, every second leading up to the now historic muse of entries in the catwalk was defined by a unique feeling. "Love is the key to everything in my life. If all relations between human beings were based on it, there would be no wars, we would be taking care of each other, "summed up the gaucho in the exclusive backstage that the designer pitched for its biggest star.


What is the feeling to complete 20 years of career?

A career that is very based on the appearance and youth, ends up being, in most cases, short.The time flew by, especially in the early years, he worked basically 365 days a year. When not in the studio, was on the plane. Been years since I saw her pass.

The success never went to her head. How she managed that?
Two things were important. Always kept my feet on the ground, connected with my simple origin, with my truth, with my essence. From the outside, this world seems glamorous, but I do not live this reality. For me, it's like any other job. It's my profession, I embody a character. The second is that I believe that we are all unique and special, nobody is better than anyone and there is always something to learn from those around us.

Who encouraged you?
I always had freedom to decide which path would take and follow my intuition. I've always been self-motivated means.

What was the reaction of parents when you left home to work?
At first they were afraid, but always trusted me and my education. So, I was given a vote of confidence. They understood that I had potential and gave me all the support.

The family is full of girls, What great tips received from older sisters or mother?
We are very united and very different. We are always sharing our experiences. Between challenges and achievements, we learn a lot from each other.

ready to sit down for being a public person?
I do not feel pressed, I live my truth. But would love to have more privacy.

On the other hand, what is the importance of making your voice heard?
After all, you defend various causes, such as environmental. Whenever I learn something new, that inspires me and that I believe can benefit others, I feel it my duty to share.

How to maintain a simple lifestyle being famous?
try to be in touch with nature is a necessity of mine, part of my essence. Therefore, my children also have this contact. In Boston, we live in a full of green area. The little school that Benjamin attends, for example, is a farm. For me, beauty is in the simplest things in life and nature is the greatest example of this.

How to view the next 20 years of your life?
I see myself working on things I believe in. Following my heart and living my truth.



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