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Oh yeah they reprinted that one alot. American Vogue May 2000 by Steven Meisel. One of my favorites!

I made a mistake but I can't delete it: these are actually Vogue (beauty) covers, so they count as supplements. Not a main Vogue cover. http://imageupper.com/i/?S0800010050091V13072764712049716


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yeah and all by age 31, which makes it even more impressive. ;) Only Kate Moss compares.

New cover that was never posted

Gente que Faz December 2011



Guessing this was an outtake from her Vogue Brazil shoot? Gorgeous shot ;)

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This is brand new to me. could it be new?



It's not her, its the model Joni Harbeck. She looks remarkably similar.

It's from a book called "Pulp Art Book"

Photographs by Joni Harbeck and Neil Krug.

Nazraeli Press, Portland, 2010. 72 pp., 44 four-color illustrations, 12x12".

Publisher's Description

“Neil Krug’s stylized photos of his girlfriend (now wife), the model Joni Harbeck, were taken with Polaroid film years past its sell-by date. They have the kind of grainy, sun-scorched feel of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western.



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