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Mathilde Brandi


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Age: 18

Full Name: Mathilde Brok Brandi

Birth date: 28.10.94

Birthplace: Århus

Ethnic Origin: Danish

Nickname: Brandi, BB, Thulde.

How were you scouted: The scout came backstage after I just finished performing in a musical

Best feature: Being down to earth

Favourite beauty product: Body Shop’s body creams

Favourite food: I have a weakness for Asian food!

Hobbies: Drawing, painting and other creative stuff. I love to try new things!

Fitness Regime: Running

Favourite Movie: It changes all the time, but I just watched Moonrise Kingdom, and thought it was very good.

What was the last track you listened to on your iPod: Ode to L.A. – Raveonettes

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cold CocaCola!!

Dislike: Trash talking

Dream country to visit: It’s impossible to choose only one; I want to see so many countries. I love to travel!

If you got to relive one day in your modeling career it would be: Hmm, I guess there are too many good experiences to pick one out – each had something special.

One word to describe yourself: Positive

post-11622-0-1446111014-16659_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446111014-18268_thumb.jpg e8677a251274013.jpg post-11622-0-1446111014-20443_thumb.jpg 515b12251274024.jpg post-11622-0-1446111014-22796_thumb.jpg


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