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Candice Michelle


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My Motto:

Without confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.

My Mission:

To be successful in everything I do. I want to complete college (1.5 years to go). I am studying marketing so that I may apply that to my own business ventures. I have been a successful model for 8 years running. I am furthering my acting career by continuing to attend acting school. Finally, day by day, I strive to learn more and to grow into the best person I can be.

Always give 110%!

Who is Candice?

I was originally born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of Panamanian and German decent. I'm a loyal, die hard "Cheese Head" Green Bay Packer fan, but, at the tender age of 19, I packed up my huge goals and dreams of stardom and moved to Los Angeles. I have been so lucky to have the chance to broaden my horizons here in L.A.. And, though I have adopted this crazy town as my new home, I will never forget where I came from, nor will I forget those kind souls who helped me get here.

If you don't go for your dreams, then someone else will...


The most important trait that I believe anyone can possess is CONFIDENCE. That is so attractive to me! I love a man who knows how to be a man. I love a man who knows how to draw on his strength wisely and hold himself up in times of adversity. I also love a man who isn't ashamed to ask me for help when he needs it.

I love a man who knows how to treat me like a lady. It is most important to me that he opens my door on the first date. I also love a great smile... that always attracts my attention. A good cologne never hurts either.

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