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howdy . . . i despise making new threads but 'cos other people can't be bothered here goes . . . :cain: . . .

Bellazon is ordinarily inaccessible during the hours of 11am to 1pm GMT which according to the message is something to do with "too many connections"

however, there have been further complications today rendering the site inaccessible once more but this time at the peculiar time of about 6 or 7pm GMT until maybe half an hour ago (so approx six hours) :/ this time the error message instead mentioned something about deleting, being unable to open a certain file and gave an error number (145).

i dunno what the problem is or whether it was just a blip . . . just thought that i'd give you guys a heads up and let you check it out :p


Barry :cool: :laugh:

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