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Repeat Cashmere Fall/Winter 2018.19 campaign 


Still basic like a normal candid made by phone .... but I like the black & white photography


Hopefully the whole Fall/Winter campaign will be in black & white 


This could have been very nice & special with a different hairstyle (old Hollywood glamorous hairstyle)


But they always repeat the same boring look over and over again

But maybe that's why they called it REPEAT Cashmere 

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7 hours ago, Mille Backer said:

Prada sales are weak, now is time to put a more commercial model in campaign, Doutzen would be perfect... Miuccia you better take note!



I don't think she is the perfect choice for prada.I love doutzen but cant picture she in a prada AD,the chemistry isn't right between them

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39 minutes ago, luchang732 said:

I don't think she is the perfect choice for prada.I love doutzen but cant picture she in a prada AD,the chemistry isn't right between them


I also don't think Prada would be something that would fit into Doutzen, but I think that of those bigger brands (that she doesn't have a campaign) is one of the few she has more chances considering the professionals who work with Prada. But anything can happen and if she is a good model she may be versatile enough to make a good campaign! Prada generally likes models a more different kind of beauty, but has a somewhat diverse background if we recall some models that had campaign for the brand, Miranda Kerr, Toni Garrn, Natasha Poly... I can see Doutzen in a campaign like S/S 2009. Despite the Prada problem these days I think it's the horrible clothes. So I think that if it were not to change the style of clothing to be something more appropriate to the type of work that Doutzen does, they would have to create a context for the campaign to be good, as Moschino does with excellence.


PS: I think Moschino is the worst brand in the world, but the campaigns are great because they create a perfect context for clothes! Like D&G used to do in 00's.

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That's a nice surprise 

Didn't expect this cover at all


Cover looks good but not striking & I would like to have seen a different hairstyle 


In 2013 she also had wet hair on the cover of Vogue Germany & we had to wait 5 years to see a new Vogue Germany cover

Hopefully we don't have to wait another 5 years .....


She looks worried/a bit desperate in her eyes but it fits the theme I think (about saving the elephants)



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WW2 for sure 

Fashion models don't do heavy training 


Fifth House Fall/Winter 2018.19 campaign


I expected something totally different 

I expected timeless classic outfits..not casual basic cheap looking stuff


They said FIFTH HOUSE = modern, classic pieces which belongs in every closet


They lied! Because this is basic & cheap

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