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Doutzen Kroes


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does anyone have the new commerical ... I just saw it on tv .. and I LOVE it, I'm so happy she's doing well. I can't help but feel attached to her ... she's grown a lot. I remember when he thread was much shorter and she's passed 100 pages :clap:

*note to self* Should I bump her up to number 2 and bump Balti down to 3... omg I can't believe I just thought that!! :ninja:

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Reminder: The attacking or flaming of members and/or of staff is NOT allowed on this forum.

Also, repost are ok as long as they are not within 3-5 pages of each other.

*I kept rouge red's post because I felt it is important for members to understand the importance of crediting scanners/posters.


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how I hate when someone doesn't credit.. thank God I'm off this forum :cain:

WHAT? Are you kidding me? If ppl do the effort to fetch pics from getty or stuff it would be REALLY nice to credit them. that's just polite and doesn't make you feel bad.

Hell, how is it possible to be that nasty? O_

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