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Has the fashion industry gone to far?


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So I was looking around tumblr and I ran into these... needless to say I was absolutely mortified. Sure we've all seen the little girls in lingerie before (O.o ew), then we had the Hailey Clauson debacle, but this takes it to a whole new level of wrong imo. The question stands, has the has the fashion industry gone to far in regards to the sexualization of children? and why aren't parents taking a more pro-active stance in their children's career?

French Line Offers Lingerie for Girls As Young As Four

When it comes to the sexualization of young girls, France keeps stirring controversy.

First, there was the 10-year-old model styled in a very grown-up way in a Vogue Paris spread that many found unsettling, if not downright disturbing. Now, a new faux pas: a French lingerie line for kids that features girls prancing around in bras on its website.

Read More: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/08/19/french...-young-as-four/





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Ok, I might be fighting a lonely fight here but...

1, Where are the pics with children in lingerie?

2, Where is the site with the children in lingerie?

3, What are these weird pictures for and expecially, who made them?

4, Where is Kiki to give us some normal arguments?

5, Didn´t we talked about this issue before?

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Oh, thank you for the added material and info :) now I know we dicussed this before, isn´t it the same issue? I remember those pics with kids in lingerie for sure - not these on top though.

Those are just... weird. I mean, line of clothing? I´m scared by it, wouldn´t buy it in million years for my kids if I had some. What were these guys thinking...?

Why the hell parents of these kids allowed such thing?

Too many questions. It´s just wrong on so many levels - the photographer, the parents, and... hell, it´s not even artistic, damn :ninja:

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