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Izabel Goulart

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Thanks for the video Impel. It was a great interview. I loved it when she tells him the expression from Brazil, "You're married, but your not dead." Too funny :p

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Izabel Goulart Unveils Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Glosses.

i hope that they are not reposts

They are reposts.....but great pix!!!!!!

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Izabel Goulart at the Conan O'Brien show 28/02/2007 HDTV

The 2 files are .wmv and the resolution is 624x352,the video bitrate is 2000 kbps and audio bitrate is 192 kps,sorry that the file is so big but i ripped it from tv and i don't have a program to reduce the quality to let the file size become smaller

And to unpack the two files you need 7-zip,it's similar to winrar and sorry that it took so long to post i t but i had some computer issues :)

Enjoy :)



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Sorry Impel,i didn't notice that you allready posted the video :) but you did a way better job then i did :D

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GLAM.COM interview

What's it like backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show?

It really feels like a girl’s dream. And I am so happy to be living it. The energy is amazing, and I appreciate every second of it!

How do you prepare for your walk down the runway?

I try to relax as much as possible because it’s important to have great energy and give my best. So if I have the time, I go to the spa and get a massage so I can relax and do my best.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

I don’t have a favorite designer in particular. I love all the designers for different reasons. Each has an item that fits any mood I may be in.

What do you do to feel absolutely glamorous?

When I finish a day of work, I go home and take a very relaxing shower. After, I enjoy the evening with my friends over a lovely dinner.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite pair is my sneakers…my Converse All-Stars that are six years old!

They are so comfortable, and I love them.

Do you have a favorite handbag?

A Balenciaga bag.

What is the last piece of clothing you bought?

I just spent seven dollars! I bought this beautiful dress at a flea market.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

My jeans—always with me.

Do you have any fashion rules you live by?

Not really; fashion has no rules. That’s what makes fashion so fun and interesting.

What are your favorite stores?

I love to walk around SoHo, where you can find very nice and fun stores. It’s hard to pick a favorite; it depends on my mood. I love flea markets and vintage stores as well.

Do you have a trademark look or clothing item?

Not in particular—anything that makes me feel comfortable.

Favorite lip gloss? Mascara?Hair care?

I am in love with the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup. The lip

gloss is my favorite; the colors vary, so if I feel like being natural, I can be. If I feel like being glamorous, they have colors that fit that mood as well. The Frédéric Fekkai shampoo lathers great, and the conditioner makes my hair soft and shiny.

What are your makeup-bag must-haves?

Lip gloss and mascara.

What are your personal beauty secrets?

It’s very important to wash off my makeup before I go to bed. And drink lots of water!

Do you have anything you love to splurge on?

I love to splurge on my family. I like to buy things from America and bring them back with me to Brazil. My little brothers and Mom love when I bring them gifts that they cannot get in Brazil.

What is your biggest beauty obsession?

Creams. I love creams and lotion. For my face, body, hair … for everything

she was great at conan!!!!!!!!!!!!

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does anyone has this picture?


i haven't seen it anywhere online, yet. i saw it at vs the other day and i was like !!! she looks awesome in it. it's better than the other secret embrace photos she did in the blue. hopefully it'll pop up somewhere.

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