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My Hertsgard

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Competitions Wild Card one of the winners of the Model Hunt 2011

After three months of waiting are now winners of the Model Hunt 2011 finally crowned. - It's super fun and amazing, said the winners My Hertsgård, 21, and Erik Andersson, 24, when it was all clear for a few minutes ago.

Both winners were surprised by the news.

- I'm quite shaky, it feels incredibly amazing and unexpected! I have wanted to be a model since I was little, saying My Hertsgård who was Wild Card race with more than 750 likes on Facebook.

Equally happy was Erik Andersson.

- This feels quite amazing! It's a dream to become a model and now maybe it can become a career of it. I thank mom who signed up for Model Hunt 2011!

Classic look

Was it difficult to choose the winners, Jacqueline Friis-Mikkelsen, CEO of Unique Models?

- Yes and no. All finalists are very beautiful but both My and Erik has something special. And it became My feeling surprising even to me because her presentation was so good but the pictures we took today was just absolutely amazing.

- Eric was our choice because he has a classic look and looks very good. He has the right mix of the right things.

This morning, therefore, it was finally time for the final of the Model Hunt 2011th Ten excited and a little nervous, finalists had gathered at Unique Models headquartered in Copenhagen to find out who the two winners would be. Final day began with breakfast together for the finalists, followed by individual discussions with Unique Models representatives.

Rest well

True Jinnedal had traveled all the way from Boras to be in the finals.

- I discovered the contest on Facebook and see this as a great opportunity, she said.

Now awaiting further contact with Unique Models and, hopefully, successful model careers of the two winners.


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Oh my goodness, shes freaking gorgeous! Its insane how she can look like that, and not look gothey or weird. But very fashionable!! :o :idk:

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