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Who is the most attractive man in the world?

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ken    0

I know there is preference or type or special for you .

However I think there is the universal rank of the face attractiveness (looks) .

and I want to know the Super Supecial rank of the men on the world .

I thought the one of this is

Johannes Huebl who is famous for dating Olivia Palermo .

I dont need in terms of ART , Your Type , Famous .

for example , Leonardo Dicaprio is famous however He is NOT definately SS rank of the looks .

also Jonathan Rhys-Meyers



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Chace Crawford definitely is one of the best looking man in today's young Hollywood!

same with Leonardo DiCaprio :wub: especially in his young age,he was perfection! so beautiful! :wub:

and David Beckham is gorgeous too! :woot:

Bradley Cooper! :woot:

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jamesdel    0

If by 'attractive' you mean sexual attraction then it would be either Marlon Texeira or Baptiste Giabiconi for me. I am currently in love with Robbie Wadge though - he's cute as fuck.

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popoyez    0

Ahmed Angel


It’s been a little over a year since we first caught up with Ahmed Angel, the Iraq-born Belarusian model who took the internet by storm. His amazing collection of portraits captured the eye of the internet, and then his sweet nature and positivity won them over. One of the captions on his photos, “he is planet” has become a catchphrase for his fans, who post tributes on his Facebook page.

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