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  1. Who is the white model on the photo attached ? this is RALPH LAUREN THE BIG PONY FRAGRANCE COLLECTION FOR MEN ad I saw on DETAILS . also please refer to the video at the URL. http://breakmyspell.blogspot.jp/2012/10/life-life-in-color-ralph-lauren-big.html actually there is a photo in front of the model on the ad ,however I couldnt find the photo on internet .
  2. Are you sure after you see these pictures ?
  3. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    Could you tell me who she is ?
  4. Is there anyone to disscuss with me about this ??
  5. I thinkg he is a model who is wearing down jacket and the tallest man in this picture . Who do you know is the man ? Ive already known there are also Olivea Palermo and Johannes hubel .
  6. I know there is preference or type or special for you . However I think there is the universal rank of the face attractiveness (looks) . and I want to know the Super Supecial rank of the men on the world . I thought the one of this is Johannes Huebl who is famous for dating Olivia Palermo . I dont need in terms of ART , Your Type , Famous . for example , Leonardo Dicaprio is famous however He is NOT definately SS rank of the looks . also Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
  7. http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?...p;ab=global_men I mean , the guy of long hair .
  8. who is this ? and the brand name (DONNIE BRASCO) does not matter with the model . so I think its quite hard tho but he may be famous .
  9. {name}

    Kate Bosworth

    hey Does she split up with james roussoue ??
  10. hmmmm a little, a guess an OLDER version of him but i must admit he DOES resemble Christian Bale too ...very cute!!! definately you are right . he looks like christian Bale too .
  11. {name}


    Does anyone know whats URL i can get TORRENT file of VSFT 2009 ? Please Post the URL if you know . thx
  12. {name}

    Roger Federer

    Does anyone know who is his girlfriend ? and Does anyone have her pic ?? thanks
  13. yeah sure . I knew that . I just wonder why You know that its not for sale .. are you insider or something ?
  14. oh really ? thats too bad . but could you explain why is that ? cuz I think they did fashion show to sell their own product .. its no use to do fashion show if there is no product .. thank you
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