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I *really* hope someone can find larger versions of these. :drool: From Germaine de Capuccini.

Best what I can do till now

Irina1880.jpg th_24b02d38167251.gif/monthly_06_2009/post-8541-0-1593840568-76225_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Irina1876.jpg"> th_deb10038167255.gif/monthly_06_2009/post-8541-0-1593840568-87213_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Irina1875.jpg">

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Guest threelittlekittens

Oh so Irina has been in those Guess ads? I thought it was Adriana :o

She must be like Katja Shchekina-she's Russian and widely believed to be Half-Somali. Apparently that was common in the 70s and 80s where Somali students would come to Russia to study and some would have kids with each other. Who knows-Russia is a diverse area, right?

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  • olesyaole97 changed the title to Irina Shayk for “Oscar de La Renta” Pre-fall 2021

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