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  1. I completely agree! That is the worst photoshopping I've seen in professional photographs in a while.
  2. Let's please focus on her career and her pretty, pretty pictures and not her personal life? We don't know details and judging a couple by a few pictures is like trying to judge a country from a few cities.
  3. Got bored and googled Irina, and I found some things I haven't seen posted here before. Or maybe I just missed them.. I don't know. And two videos! (I have no idea how to embed them right.. sorry!)And this one I found on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=...5&ref=share
  4. Happy Birthday bountry ^_^

  5. All I care about is if Irina comes back. >.> Just saying.
  6. OMG! That video! I loved it so much. Thanks for the share!
  7. I don't recall seeing these here. Sorry if they're reposts!
  8. It would be awesome but Irina doesn't work for VS, she's with Intimisissi (gah.. it's late and I'm thinking I spelled that wrong).
  9. Nothing makes my day a little bit happier then coming here and seeing all the newest additions! Thanks everyone!
  10. Don't recall where I found it but it sure is pretty.
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