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Amanda Montoya


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I'm so glad !

She's one of my favorites. I'm glad too. I have some scans from JJill catalog where she appears regularly.post-3274-1140114281_thumb.jpgpost-3274-1140114305_thumb.jpgpost-3274-1140114463_thumb.jpg[attac











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She is from New Zealand, her mother is a Kiwi/NZ'er and her father is from the Philippines. I went to school with her and she was always a very nice kind friendly person. Last I heard from her friend is that she is married to an ex model, lives in Long Island?.... I think. I always feel bad because I told her once she shouldn't smile in her shoots, if you ever read this Manda, I am sorry, your smile is perfect! I think she has had a baby since, as I have and some of the maternity stuff she was modelling and had a bump. She is a person, not just some pretty girl and has feelings and a life...guys

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waw ! thanks friend ! sometimes models are so out of reach than you can't consider them other than "the gril on the magazine" or "on the tv" and suddently, someone appears and tell you he went to school with her, was a good friend ect ... then you realize she's not so out of reach but is like anybody else, and you feel even more sympathy for her than before.

thanks friend ! thanks for amanda. thanks for giving us some news of her. thanks for making human an average model. make her go from a model on some dead paper to a living person you can place somewhere on earth.

you are not a journalist and didnt speak via tv or newspaper, but someone who truly knew her and speaks to us in front of us. that's good ! we need more people like that.

thanks for posting here !

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