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Ayumi Tanabe


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Wow, she is gorgeous! :heart:
I saw her Kenzo ads too years ago and never knew the model's name

Thank you for the beautiful photos and scans everyone, not mentioning any of you not to disturb, but thank you truly :heart:

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Just now, ArianaVSCouture said:

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 1997:

amazing pictures! thanks alot :thumbsup: this picture is model ling tan, ayumi was in this show wearing a very similar look and hairstyle. btw just remembered she was also in anna sui s/s 1999  


Vogue Nippon 1999 September 

Photographer: Matthew donaldson 

Models: Miki, ayumi tanabe


scanned by me


9.thumb.jpg.d2670942c066a672de6f592a351f8f54.jpg 11.thumb.jpeg.4d5e013a4c0152ee8e5cb2f54e92822c.jpeg 12.thumb.jpeg.0e523344fa0ddb64a242f2751de1daae.jpeg 13.thumb.jpeg.5f30a1581ae3544fc9d4226fe35d76ff.jpeg 14.thumb.jpeg.ec7e644b8571e6e6bd4b4079a5a0fa90.jpeg 15.thumb.jpeg.f913b69202267e43169a76a5b1348b5e.jpeg 16.thumb.jpeg.2cc3b789e9003fb77b03fe3e1ababfb9.jpeg 


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