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Capt Snow

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Thanks Darka. :)  

I love her eyes :wub: , lots of people seem to not like them. They just capture me though.

You wouldn't happen to know what show where these were taken at would you.

Yeah, I also think that her eyes are beautiful :wub:

and pictures were taken at - Valentino Backstage - fall2001


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She looks really cute. :wub:  

Butter Anniversary? What is Butter? Like a night club or something?

It's a resturant. Let me snag the description for it.

Jul 12: We can't believe it's still Butter. Hosted by co-owners Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano, the 2nd anniversary party of the restaurant that just won't go bad drew an odd assortment of revelers. Mostly, it was the crème de la crème of modeling—Carmen Kass (Akiva's girlfriend of six years), Eva Herzigova, Gemma Ward, Ana Beatriz-Barros, Maggie Rizer, Bridget Hall and new Model Mania star, JP—who churned up. Spreading it on thick were May Anderson and Steve-"Jackass"-O, well on their way to playing Hide the Stick of Butter, as more lactose-intolerant company including Matt Damhave, Chloe and Paul Sevigny, Lizzy Jagger, Samantha Ronson, Vincent Gallo and designer Catherine Fulmer averted their eyes, watching Farnsworth Bentley perform instead, no doubt wondering which was worse. All the while, the more seasoned Natalie Portman, Francesco Clemente, and Seans Lennon and Penn hunkered down by the mojito bar downstairs keeping a low profile.

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