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New candids!

Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros, 29 years old, in a purple and pink bikini at the beach in Miami Beach, FL. Ana Beatriz spent the afternoon sitting on beach chairs, talking and laughing with friends before taking a dip in the ocean.

HQs - Ana on Miami Beach, March 17 2012

HneO2m.jpg atTf7m.jpg OlIspm.jpg xE4gnm.jpg mMQYxm.jpg Lu3U3m.jpg aBacIm.jpg 9UeXzm.jpg z69hRm.jpg FrpUem.jpg Ccfkum.jpg G6MXKm.jpg lsVQ7m.jpg nmM8zm.jpg 7U1q4m.jpg I5RMTm.jpg sLNfhm.jpg n06Fzm.jpg qRBbOm.jpg SCNyqm.jpg 6jwgSm.jpg HRwu3m.jpg TpJNfm.jpg UXimdm.jpg wZ9e6m.jpg hKuRjm.jpg dMaFIm.jpg 7dxM9m.jpg PmqMhm.jpg isY0xm.jpg

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I think she neds to tone-up her body a bit more-she really needs to to some squats :laugh: . But I am glad she's put some weight on...and is this a candid pic? I got it from umust.br. It didn't say where was it from:


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