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Krista Allen


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Krista Allen

Born: April 5, 1972

Birthplace: Ventura, California

Majored in education at Austin Community College, Texas and then interned as a kindergarten teacher before she decided to pursue her dream of an acting career. Despite previous rumors, she did not attend the University of Texas.

Is of Portuguese and Irish heritage

Where you've seen her:

This former Baywatch: Hawaii and The X-Files babe has also starred on the silver screen in Liar Liar and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and played a hot-tempered porn star in Anger Management.

Guilty until proven innocent:

"I think there's an innocence to me. Too often I'm the 'sexy vixen', and I just don't see myself like that."

Man's best friend:

"I love that men like to look at women, that they love sports, that they need to know the inner workings of mechanical objects. I love the whole makeup of men, that they never mature and are always just boys."

One-hit wonder:

"I don't ever really notice when guys are hitting on me. I'm oblivious. It seems a little self-involved to be like, 'Oh, he's hitting on me'. Maybe he's just trying to start up an innocent conversation."

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