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Marisa Miller

bar none

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Her wedding ring is gorgeous! Just beautiful!

When I see hot pics of Marisa, her hands are the last place my eyes go. :p

You're just mad she's married! :whistle:

Pinky, thanks for those pictures. She (well, her body) is one of my motivations for working out almost every day. :hehe: :laugh:

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You're just mad she's married! :whistle:

That's not a problem, because I prefer girls named Heather anyway. :brows:

She (well, her body) is one of my motivations

It's one of your fantasies, too! Admit it! :p

And thanks for the caps, TR!

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Marissa Miller at Wrigley…and the chaos that will follow

Marissa Miller is going to make history tomorrow at Wrigley Field. She will become the hottest person to ever throw out a ceremonial first pitch. She has had some competition for sure. Halle Berry a few years ago in Montreal, Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles last year, and Anna Kournikova, in Texas, and again in San Diego a couple of years back.

Nobody can top Miller though.

The fact that she will be at Wrigley tomorrow will cause quite a commotion before the game, in the stands. Guys all over the place will be trying to get a picture, or just take a closer look at the SI Cover Model. This will be nothing, though, compared to what will be going on in the Cubs clubhouse. See, that’s where the team will be deciding which player gets to catch Miller’s pitch.

When Kournikova threw the first-pitch out in Texas, the Rangers decided that David Dellucci was going to be the lucky guy behind the plate. He told the Fort-Worth Star Telegram back in ‘04, “I’m definitely going to make sure I brush my teeth, that I’m not sweating and that I put on cologne. I guess they felt sorry for me because I’m single.”

Obviously, things ended all right for Dellucci, he ended up giving Kournikova a kiss on the cheek after it was all over.

So who gets the honor of possbily giving Miller an awkward kiss on the cheek when it’s all over tomorrow? I’m convinced there is going to be a Royal Rumble-esque battle royale in the clubhouse before the game. The whole team starts in the ring, and slowly but surely people start to get tossed out.

As time wears on, it comes down to 10 people. Carlos Zambrano, Henry Blanco, Daryle Ward, Kosuke Fukudome, Mike Fontenot, Ryan Theriot, Ronny Cedeno, Felix Pie, Geovany Soto, and Ryan Dempster.

Zambrano tries to bully everyone out at first, and then the tag-team of Fontenot and Theriot (The Cajun Connection) come flying out of nowhere to knock him out of the the ring, the force of which knocks both of them out as well. Dempster, dressed in a cape and facemask, under the stage name “The Closer,” jumps off the top turnbuckle onto Soto, who decides, “Man, this guy is crazy,” and gets out of the ring.

Daryle Ward then gets up on the ropes, trying to do his patented Yokozuna drop on Blanco, “Hank White,” and gets it done, knocking out Blanco. However, this move leaves Ward unable to continue because he doesn’t have any energy left. So those two get rolled out of the ring.

So, that leaves us with Dempster, Pie, Cedeno, and Fukudome. Dempster continues to run around the ring, screaming….Pie and Cedeno are trying to hit somebody or something, but keep swinging and missing. Finally, Dempster walks towards Pie and Cedeno, and gets a little outside assistance from Scott Eyre, who couldn’t get into the brawl because of his elbow injury.

Eyre hands Dempster a clubhouse chair and knocks Pie and Cedeno out of the ring. Now it’s just Dempster and Fukudome “The Osaki Octopus”. Fukudome has just been standing in the corner during the whole match trying to figure out why these guys are doing all of this.

So Dempster decides this is it…”This one’s for Marissa,” he screams. Just as he begins rushing towards Kosuke, a door opens in the Cubs clubhouse…it’s Yosh Kawano. “DUCK KOSUKE!!!” He screams towards Fukudome. So he does, and Dempster whiffs, as he comes toppling over the ropes.

It’s over.

Lou Piniella walks into the ring, raises Fukudome’s arm and tells him he gets to catch Miller’s pitch.

Kosuke still won’t understand what all the fuss is over, until he walks out to the field and sees Miller for the first time.

Then I’ll bet he’ll be glad he came to America.

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