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Lily Aldridge


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^ I was about to comment with the same thing. You can tell how well liked she is based on the amount of people who came to the event to support her.


I actually really like the launch look. I think it fits with the aesthetic they're going for with the Haven campaign. 

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The more I look, the more I like. Lots of pics from the launch on others' sites. Lily is absolutely glowing. @ceceshores, you are so right that the ensemble--complete with the flowers wall behind Lily--all fit with Haven and the video ads. A thoughtful blend of clothing, fragrance, and setting. I hope the product takes off. Also so glad to see the many women who came to support her. That entire bank of VS Angels is impressive, especially given her having parted with the company. Speaks volumes about how they feel about her. :heart: 

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2 hours ago, ceceshores said:

Thanks for all the updates, @Ewciolina!


I think her look at the YouTube event is the first one of hers I haven't been wild about in a long time. It's not bad, just a little boring.

Time to get Leslie Fremar back.... She has never had such a flat look in a long time and that outfit wears her.

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