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Brooke Shields


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What a wonderful collection of Brooke pics :hehe: , especially the rare vintage ones which are hard to find.

I love her thick dark eyebrows, not every woman can pull them off (depends on the facial features etc) but she made them look very good and it is a good combination with her thick, long lustrous hair & light eyes. Such contrast, that gives her that striking look.


Of course Brooke was queen of thick eyebrows but now Lily Collins, is one young woman who also has great eyebrows and an equally pretty face.

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Do any of you know a good Brooke Shields fansite or a fan forum where one can communicate with other Brooke Shields fans?

can't think of a better one than this one :ddr: :ddr: :ddr:



Yeah I love Bellazon but there's not much happening in this particular thread :hehe: . Do any of you know a Brooke Shields fan forum or thread that is more...uhm, active? :gocho:

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Oh my God I've never seen this Cosmopolitan cover of Brooke anywhere before (the one that's circled)  :woot: . It looks like a great cover and I didn't even know it existed. Unfortunately the pic is so blurry that I can't make out if its an Italian edition of Cosmopolitan or not. Does anyone else know? Does anyone have a bigger pic of the cover? :D


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Ph: Lynn Goldsmith



Ph: Alan Band



'Pretty Baby,' directed by Louis Malle, 1975



'Annie Hall'

Ph:Brian Hamill



circa 1978.

Ph: Darlene Hammond



Louis Malle directs Brooke Shields and Keith Carradine in Pretty Baby. Shields made her movie debut at age 11 in this story of a child prostitute, Malle's first film made in America. New Orleans, 1977.




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