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David Rosenberg

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Height 6,2 - 188

Chest 39 1/2 100

Waist 31 1/2 - 80

Shoes M 10/44 /10.5

Hair Color dark brown

Eyes blue-green

Agency: Group Model (Barcelona), Select Model Management (London).

post-17577-0-1446002151-55228_thumb.jpg 5bb4de106100756.jpg post-17577-0-1446002153-42399_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002153-72977_thumb.jpg 2c92e3106100783.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-01892_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-19608_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-21813_thumb.jpg 2a87aa106100832.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-22696_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-25693_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-28073_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-2889_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-30205_thumb.jpg dfdd4f106100905.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-31011_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-3363_thumb.jpg 157246106100931.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-48121_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-49103_thumb.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-50771_thumb.jpg da102a106100965.jpg post-17577-0-1446002154-51637_thumb.jpg

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YAY! Some loving for a South African - there are so many SA boys out there for you all to keep your eyes on.

David is with Outlaws Models here www.outlawsmodels.com

David follows in the footsteps of many great SA male models like David Miller, Sean de Wet and Damien Van Zyl.

While I am at it (although off topic) keep your eyes on:

Sean Naude (www.outlawsmodels.com)

Tian (www.outlawsmodels.com)

Dane Goodwin (www.visionmodels.co.za)

Justin Shanks (www.faithmodels.com)

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