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Here it goes (it's a fragment from a synopsis. I'm using this because my English may seem confusing :blush: )

The Martian Chronicles is a novel in the form of short stories. It describes the first attempts of Earth people to conquer and colonize Mars, the constant thwarting of their efforts by the gentle, telepathic Martians, the eventual colonization, and finally the effect on the Martian settlers of a massive nuclear war on Earth. As much a work of social criticism as of science fiction, The Martian Chronicles is an allegory for the tragic moral blindness of mankind and also reflects some of the prevailing anxieties of America in the early atomic age of the 1950's: the fear of nuclear war, the longing for a simpler life, reactions against racism and censorship, and fear of foreign political powers.

I'm not very fond of sci-fi and hardly read it, but I can recommend this book. Imagine Mars isn't Mars but the dark subconscious. :)

sounds interesting. cool. may give it a read :)

are you into Philip Pullman at all?

currently i'm reading "The Emerging Mind" by Ramachandran which is kinda interesting and cool neurobiology stuff

Please, if you can, try Bradbury. "Fahrenheit 451" is another of his most famous works. There's a film, too, directed by wonderful Francois Truffaut.

I haven't read any of Pullman. "The Emerging Mind" sounds interesting, especially because I'm very fond of Neurobiology :)

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