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  1. Happy Birthday to you...

  2. for everyone and especialy for my Torbennnnnnnnnnnnn
  3. (yep, but in my case, fortunately they are fine) well, yes..... maybe it's an extreme case. anyway, it must be done so oh my! and suddenly..... 201 posts ! (but I'm still thinking about that tooth... for the last time! ) hi everyone! Caro? are you going the teeth treatment? well i wish you goodluck! what's the problem? have a great day everyone...i go to sleep soon
  4. yes...this guy fellt bored....he is funny
  5. Hello Angie lol, me? Natalie Portman? WOW! thanks! lol, and than i'm Petra, lol thanks some people say i actually look like Frankie in some shots...that's what good in being model... Ed....my eyebrows
  6. hahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why you all are so funny?!?!?!
  7. no Caro, don't talk to yourself talk to me than!
  8. she was influenced from the "pink floyd" movie "the wall" or something... sure...... blame poor bob geldof ! one of my friends has a crazy brother who, at the age of 7 shaved his eyelashes, just for fun. then he was crying all day and couldn't go out because he couldn't see a thing out there with the lights and stuff..... boy that really hurt ! ...... i mean........ ! what a bad moment ....... wow....lollllllllllllll have a look...new pics of mine....
  9. she was influenced from the "pink floyd" movie "the wall" or something...
  10. lol look what i found over the net.... http://www.funny.co.il/link_frames.php?sel...ile_id=MjE2NzA= this is a game+Video which is very funny!!! [it's belong to GAP] http://www.funny.co.il/link_frames.php?sel...ile_id=MTkwNTA= open it and start laughing http://www.funny.co.il/link_frames.php?sel...ile_id=MTA1MDA=
  11. i had a girl in my class in 7th grade that she shaved her both eyebrows...
  12. that's MY husband from greece on my desktop http://img464.imageshack.us/img464/1706/lyyed1ln.jpg
  13. wow, so I was out of HS before you were born. :shock: damn, I'm a geezer when?
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