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Heidi Klum

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Due to Copyrights, Universal/NBC blocked my video from being viewed in the United States. Since the video was getting less hits internationally, I took it down.

But the interview can still be seen (in medium quality) over at Hulu. Sorry, folks, but that's how it is.


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Did y'all watch the Tonight Show? Heidi did a great interview filled with laughs aplenty. If you missed it, I got the HD video right here. Luckily, it's all streaming, so you don't have to download anything at all.

Be sure to click the HD button for max power (once the option for it is available)!


featuring Heidi Klum

Click on the thumbnail to view the HD Youtube clip!


Also, I capped Steve Zahn's interview (the guy who was next after Heidi) and both of them had chatted a few times. I won't post that one yet, but I'll let you know when I do.


Thank you thank you thank you!


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Heidi Klum is saddened by the recent confrontation between paparazzi who were swarming her and her young children in a New York City park -- and other parents on the scene who took matters into their own hands and started pelting the offending photogs with water balloons.

"It sounds like fun when you read it maybe in a newspaper somewhere, but in reality it's not so much fun when there are children involved," she tells us. "My children are screaming, 'What's going on?!" I don't think that people should start fighting over it. I don't want people to get hurt. You don't know how the paparazzi are going to react when they get hit with balloons and they start yelling back and forth. I'm always worried that something might happen."

The "Project Runway" hostess, who is expecting her and husband Seal's fourth child in October, says she left the scene quickly. "I'm like, 'Let's just go away.'

"It's something that you just deal with, unfortunately," she goes on. "I wish there was some sort of a law that maybe they have to be at a certain distance, or there can't be more than two . I wish there could be something done. I know people say, 'They're celebrities, and why shouldn't we get photos of them all the time?' But people forget about the person being shot all day long and their children."

MEANWHILE: The super-achieving supermodel-cum-producer-TV personality-entrepreneur and her family will be heading off on a vacation next week. She's just completed shooting of her latest season of "Project Runway" and done a round of promotional chores trumpeting the intensely popular, Peabody Award-winning show's return to the tube. The airing of "Runway's" sixth season, you may recall, was delayed nine months due to the legal wrangling over its move from Bravo to its new home on Lifetime. Festivities begin Aug. 20 with a two-hour "Project Runway: All Star Challenge" special featuring eight favorite contestants from past "Runway" seasons competing for a $100,000 prize, followed by the new season's first episode. And in addition to the regular "Project Runway," there will now be a companion series called "Models of the Runway," showing the action from the models' points of view.

"I appreciate all the designers that came back for the challenge because once you've kind of done the show and gone on with your life, to come back and then maybe not be the winner again, for example, is not so good," Heidi observes. "Or maybe you're the winner and then not the winner. There are all these possibilities for how it might end up. You don't want the big L for loser on your forehead, again."


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Plan? Which plan? Her own? Well, it would be great if she would :drool:

She definitely wants to walk. It's just a matter of if she can get back into shape in time. She has also said that she isn't going to sacrifice her own health and safety in an attempt to return to modeling too soon.

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