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Raquel Zimmermann


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200 pages! :woot:

thank you so much thiago and vini for all the animale pics this campaign is the best campaign in AGES.

and US Vogue August 2008


on the plus she has normal hair :woot:. on the minus she looks strange :rofl: (apparently she looks lovely though when you see it)

thaigo your going to have a heart attack also featured in this ed is tanya! (though her picture is boring), maryna, karen, and sasha.

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A new ed! :clap: See Camilla, you just have to say the word :laugh: She has normal hair and a beautiful smile :wub: And Tanya and Raquel on the same ed! :woot: :woot:

And damn, Raquel is getting more eds on Vogue US than Trentini. And this was shot by Demarchelier! Which is good considering the last time they shot together was in 2006. Poor Maryna got McDean to shoot her and they messed her hair up :rofl:

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Raquel is in the new V #54! :woot: But only on the DNA powerhouse ed. Which is probably a bunch of girls in a 2 page spread (:( I was hoping for a whole ed) and she's on the subscription card with Agyness! Can't wait to see them, by Sebastian Faena.

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:rofl: There you go. I hope she's on VP August too :yes:

Me too! Last year's fall campaign was out July 5th on the website but this time they're being lazy! I'm affraid we'll only get it when it's in some magazine, which means August cause they're not in the new W and I don't think they're in the new Vogue US, I think someone would have said it :/

And apparently Interview magazine is doing a special september issue, and Raquel has an ed! As the magazine is growing is good that Raquel is already a favorite :) Hopefuly she'll get a cover sometime.

Here's the subscription card from V! I thought it was only Raquel & Aggy, but it shows the DNA shot must be beautiful, can't wait to see it!


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We need TEN more Zim UHQ's! More Zim = More Fun. Click on the giant thumbnail to view the UHQ.

29001037.f716d0.jpg 29001041.ab598d.jpg

29001043.f62d6d.jpg 29001053.b25562.jpg

29001058.07f9e0.jpg 29001066.7889c0.jpg

29001072.729ae7.jpg 29001076.299e92.jpg <--Check out Bianca planting a wet kiss on Cameron Russell's cheek!

29001082.973f33.jpg 29001088.10e1f9.jpg

For the record, I tend to ignore which shows these pics come from, so my apologies for not listing them properly.


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