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Mozilla here

And IE for pages that are IE only...

I get 0 pop ups with Mozzila, and whenever i go on IE, i get a few... It was funny, I went on, got 2 pop ups, and was amazed. I havn't seen a pop up in months (thats when I installed it)

Also, its secure, and I do a lot of my business online

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Please do not post images side by side that will total greater than 600 pixels
the thumbnails are affixed so they are self adjusting. they will auto-adjust to any size screen. low system resources can sometimes cause this effect. just out of curiousity what browser do you use?


Capt, i c u use IE. thumbnail running off the screen is a browser rendering problem. if u post 1 million thumbnails then they will render all on your screen. i gave up IE almost a decade ago.

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.....and IE for pages that are IE only...  
this is why alot of non-IE browsers can offer a better browser experience. IE has been the #1 de facto browser and they have decided to set their own web rendering standards, most others subscribe to WC3's. there is a big move in the Mozilla Forums to approach the administrators of these poorly constructed site and ask that they make their site W3C compatable, i.e. available to all browsers. if the administrators are realists they will adjust. making a site W3C compatible leaves no one out in the cold, all browsers will render properly, even IE.
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