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  1. 24

    it's down !!!!! anyone know ANOTHER bitTorrent website to have the episodes please ?
  2. Explain your username

    my name has a long story, too long to explain here but it's now been 9 years i'm DAZ or DAZMAN for people, all my friends and work collegues call me that way.....
  3. 24

    thanks a lot, just saw the 24 first minutes of season 4 : looks great i can't fooking wait now to see the others
  4. Lost

    weel just heard of that show today i don't see in the news that's it going to have a release in France so it'll be hard for me to see it unless i find a dubbed version with french subs in it
  5. 24

    24 is the best serie ever done on earth, it's so addictive that i have watched each season in a row : 18h each one
  6. Wallpapers

    WOW great walls dude, and thxs for those big size (i hate 1024*768)
  7. Wallpapers

    well i bet you liked my wall mate
  8. Wallpapers

    i'll do some more asap coz her new pics are just awesome
  9. Wallpapers

    here is my last addition : just finished it doing using Photoshop and her new pics hope you like
  10. 24

    don't do edk myself mate, only BitTorrent
  11. Sofia Zamolo

    thanks sha dude
  12. Megan Fox

    1st time i see her and i passed out !!! SHE IS GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wallpapers

  14. 24

    JACK BAUER IS MY HERO best serie ever made before, i'm a fucking fan saw season I, I and III at least 1 time as i'm in france, the season III just ended and the IV one will be on tv in january....2006 so because i couldn't wait, i will have to check out the episodes with french subtitles on internet....if you have some links, put them here please