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  1. 24

    it's down !!!!! anyone know ANOTHER bitTorrent website to have the episodes please ?
  2. my name has a long story, too long to explain here but it's now been 9 years i'm DAZ or DAZMAN for people, all my friends and work collegues call me that way.....
  3. 24

    thanks a lot, just saw the 24 first minutes of season 4 : looks great i can't fooking wait now to see the others
  4. weel just heard of that show today i don't see in the news that's it going to have a release in France so it'll be hard for me to see it unless i find a dubbed version with french subs in it
  5. 24

    24 is the best serie ever done on earth, it's so addictive that i have watched each season in a row : 18h each one
  6. WOW great walls dude, and thxs for those big size (i hate 1024*768)
  7. well i bet you liked my wall mate
  8. i'll do some more asap coz her new pics are just awesome
  9. here is my last addition : just finished it doing using Photoshop and her new pics hope you like
  10. 24

    don't do edk myself mate, only BitTorrent
  11. thanks sha dude
  12. 1st time i see her and i passed out !!! SHE IS GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 24

    JACK BAUER IS MY HERO best serie ever made before, i'm a fucking fan saw season I, I and III at least 1 time as i'm in france, the season III just ended and the IV one will be on tv in january....2006 so because i couldn't wait, i will have to check out the episodes with french subtitles on internet....if you have some links, put them here please