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Why don't Victoria Secret have ad campaigns in magazines?


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Well I guess the ads may appear in American mags, as VS has the majoriy of their stores in the US, right?

Also, I'm not sure but I think the company that owns VS has some other lingerie brand, so maybe the other one has more ads in mags, while VS is mostly adverised by the show and "Angel events".

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Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I live in England but am addicted to magazines and i buy the US versions of Elle,Glamour,Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar Monthly, and i have never seen an ad for them. And those of you who have said you've seen one, have only seen a couple , what i don't understand is why they don't advertise more in mainstream magazines? ye they have their own catalogue, but so do many other clothing stores yet they still advertise their productsin magazines...example: NEXT. the british store , has a catalogue && directory , but are always featured in mags.

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