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Selita Ebanks


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My own scans. Click on thumbnails for BIG HQ images. Several versions of some scans.

VSC Spring Fashion 2008 - vol 4


VSC Summer Sale 2008

th_51825_2008-05-vsc-summersale08-49-1-selitaebanks-b2_123_1034lo.jpg th_51833_2008-05-vsc-summersale08-49-1-selitaebanks-h-afx_123_131lo.jpg

th_52000_2008-05-vsc-summersale08-49-2-selitaebanks-h_123_1058lo.jpg th_52002_2008-05-vsc-summersale08-49-2-selitaebanks-h-afx_123_521lo.jpg

VS "A Gift for You" Postcard - Holiday 2007

Selita, Adriana, Miranda all together :wub:

th_52005_2007-12-vsc-giftforyou-11-22-adriana-miranda-selita-b_123_980lo.jpg th_52012_2007-12-vsc-giftforyou-11-22-adriana-miranda-selita-h-afx_123_386lo.jpg

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Thank you so much capt_bob. I love her for VS. Keep them coming :kiss:

My own scans. Several versions of some scans. Click on thumbnails for BIG HQ images.

VS postcard - Fall 2007 - for "Secret Garden" scents.

Selita - top of the heap - with Adriana, KK & Ale

Wow - who arranged the - ah - layout of this shot! :drool:

th_61823_2007-07-vsc-garden-1-0a-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h_123_111lo.jpg th_61831_2007-07-vsc-garden-1-0a-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h-afx_123_346lo.jpg

th_61833_2007-07-vsc-garden-1-0a-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h-fx_123_528lo.jpg th_61836_2007-07-vsc-garden-1-0-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h_123_1162lo.jpg

th_61838_2007-07-vsc-garden-1-0-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h-fx_123_899lo.jpg th_62242_2007-07-vsc-garden-2-1-adriana-selita-kk-ale-b2_123_473lo.jpg

th_62247_2007-07-vsc-garden-2-1-adriana-selita-kk-ale-h-sh-afx_123_1150lo.jpg th_62500_2007-07-vsc-garden-2-1-adriana-selita-kk-ale-b2-afx2_123_128lo.jpg

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My own scans. Several versions of some scans. Click on thumbnails for BIG HQ images.

VS postcard - Fall 2007 - for "Free" bags.

Selita - with Miranda, KK & Ale

th_62254_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-2-0-selita-miranda-ale-kk-h_123_144lo.jpg th_62258_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-2-0-selita-miranda-ale-kk-h-afx_123_21lo.jpg


th_62502_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-3-1-selita-miranda-ale-kk-b-afx_123_1055lo.jpg th_62517_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-3-2-selita-miranda-kk-b2_123_170lo.jpg

th_62518_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-3-2-selita-miranda-kk-b2-afx_123_642lo.jpg th_62521_2007-10-vsc-freegifts-3-3-selita-ale-kk-b2_123_414lo.jpg


I wonder ^^^ are those Selita's legs in the aquamarine panties?

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