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  1. 1Star1

    Halle Berry

    WITHOUT make-up and STILL hot!
  2. Check that last pic? Its Milla Jova-whatshername,...
  3. Now you've done it,.... :evil:
  4. Is it me, or do her legs look a little rough? You'd think someone would have airbushed those marks out.
  5. 1Star1

    Halle Berry

    Some of my all-time favorites!!
  6. Two words about plus-sized celebs: Kate Winslet!
  7. Found a few,..anyone have better or HQ?
  8. Does anyone have pics of her from the other day wearing a sheer black dress?
  9. Hot,...hotter,..HOTTEST!!
  10. Except Kerry is a HOT actress and Kim is a skanky dilettante! :yuckky:
  11. Someone arrest her for child abuse with that stupid name! :yuckky:
  12. Um, she's black, lol. And also part Italian. Its the Italian part that makes her hot! :evil: :evil: Hehehe. Hopefully, this isn't her look of the future,...
  13. 1Star1

    Sara Ramirez

    Que gorda bonita!!!
  14. Achieving a new level of HOTNESS! :evil:
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