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Eva Staudinger

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Eva Staudinger

Height: 180 cm

Measurements: 85-60-90

Mother agency: Modelwerk


Not even one more month till New York Fashion week starts . This time people are especially thrilled to see Modelwerks new Diamonds in the Big Apple, simply because Modelwerk Hamburg ( based 15 years ago by the current leader Claudia Midolo/[email protected]) is known for their awesome and fast development when it comes to New faces , discovered by good eyes. Modelwerk probably exceed all expectations with having seven german eyecatchers at one blow in town this season! May I introduce...

Models & Style

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post-31828-0-1446133003-87638_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446133003-9262_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446133003-95043_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446133003-98044_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446133004-00371_thumb.jpg

Totally keen on this girl's look, we couldn't resist to feautre her as new face of the week.

It's Eva Staudinger from cologne (180cm 85 60 90), new signed to Modelwerk (Hamburg) and most convincing in her brand new digitals. Blue eyes, legs that seem to go on forever, a great bone structure & fierce expression make her look absolutely distinctive.

Digital Diamonds

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New Interview

post-31828-0-1446133001-25578_thumb.jpg e3984d95473259.jpg post-31828-0-1446133001-28651_thumb.jpg

One day left until the show castings start! Low on time, but there's still enough left to handle a couple of features. So let's get it started with our german find Eva Staudinger - who did pretty damn well during Berlin FW already (no wonder, just look at that runway-built body and flawless proportions!). With Modelwerks a-class management behind her, Eva found international placement @ Trump in NY and Why Not in Milan. Right now, going through the casting-craze in Manhattan, this girl should be a serious contender for the Newfaces-to-watch-out-for list this season.

See and read more of Eva in our little chat with her below!

Most and least favorite subject of school?

My most favourite is art, least favourite chemistry.

If you could choose to be exclusive for one designer, who'd that be?

If I could choose, I'd decide to walk for Chanel. Their shows are always so amazing.

Best and worst characteristic of cologne?

Best: all my friends are living there! Worst: it's a pretty ugly and small city.

Favorite shooting you did so far?

My favourite shooting so far is the one with Alexy Yurenev in NY. But I had a great session with Maik Floeder in Martim Hotel Hamburg some time ago, that was really cool as well.

Runway or Print?

Runway, by far!

Role model?

Don't have one, actually.

Outfit choise for the show castings in NY?

Picking a black tanktop, jeans shorts, blazer and a great pair of high heels.

Office job or adventurer?

Adventure for sure, don't want to work as a secretary in an office not get to see anything of the world.

Favorite brand?

Marc by Marc Jacobs! Fell in love with one of his bags.

H&M or Topshop?

Topshop! Everybody wears H&M, that sucks, doesn't it?

Favorite place in NY?

I love SoHo, a great place to go shopping and to drink coffe with friends or to have dinner in one of the nice restaurants.

Song of the moment?

The XX - Island

Digital Diamonds

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Les fleurs du mal Kinki Magazine #25

via larapixie.blogspot.com

photographed by: www.stefanmilev.com @ kombinatrotweiss /larapixie
stylist: nora erdle
production: helena dietrich
hair: ahmet bilir @ www.ahmetbilir.com
hair's assistant: mostafa esperesb
make-up: janine mannheim
models: eva staudinger & siri laude @ modelwerk

post-33394-1283552254_thumb.jpg post-33394-1283552261_thumb.jpg

Laurèl SS 2011 @MBFW Berlin via fashionweek-berlin.mercedes-benz.de


Dawid Tomaszewski SS 2011 @MBFW Berlin via fashionweek-berlin.mercedes-benz.de


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