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Dayanara Torres


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Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres Delgado was born on October 28, 1974, in the small Puerto Rican town of Toa Alta. As a small town girl, Dayanara had small-town dreams, and for a while they included becoming an orthodontist.

Her distinctive looks, however, soon led Dayanara on a different career path, and she began entering beauty pageants as a teenager. In 1992, she competed against the best her hometown had to offer and was crowned Miss Toa Alta. This title allowed her entry in another pageant, competing against the most attractive women in Puerto Rico. She emerged victorious, as Miss Puerto Rico.

dayanara is crowned miss universe

In May of 1993, Dayanara arrived in Mexico City for the Miss Universe competition. Faced with fierce competition from such complex-named beauties as Paula Andrea Betancourt Arroyave and Milka Yelisava Chulina Urbanich, Dayanara came out on top, becoming Puerto Rico's third Miss Universe.

Initally, there was controversy associated with Dayanara's win. It was suggested that she was only 17 years old at the time of the pageant and therefore ineligible to compete (the minimum entry age is 18). A few phone calls clarified that she had been of age since the previous October.

dayanara moves to the phillipines

On top of her Miss Universe duties, it didn't take long for other offers to come pouring in. Dayanara's first major post-pageant move was accepting a role in the Puerto Rican romantic comedy Linda Sara (1994). The part was a small one, but enough to gave her a taste for acting.

As is tradition, Miss Universe is always present for the unveiling of her successor. Accordingly, Dayanara made a trip to the Philippines for the 1994 competition. The country cast a spell on Dayanara, and she decided to stay.

It was the best move she could have made. With her Miss Universe responsibilities behind her, Dayanara learned the local language Tagalog and began acting in films like Basta't kasama kita (1994) and Hataw na! (1995). In 1995, she began hosting the popular variety show A.S.A.P. All the while, Dayanara continued modeling, appearing in print and TV ads for the likes of Coke, Mazda, Budweiser, and Pantene.

dayanara the actress and singer

While living in the Philippines, Dayanara had become involved with local actor Aga Muhlach. After their relationship came to an end, she returned to Puerto Rico, where she continued acting in films like Type kita, walang kokontra (1999) and La Cenicienta (1999). In 1998, Dayanara forayed into music, releasing a salsa/merengue album called Antifaz. Some singles, like "Mirame Bailando," fared very well locally, but not enough to justify pursuing a singing career wholeheartedly.

In 1999, Dayanara became the face of Pantene products. Later that same year, a doll made in her image was released, which went on to sell tremendously in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. And then Dayanara met a guy named Marc Anthony.

dayanara marries marc anthony

It didn't take long for Dayanara and Marc to fall in love, and they were married in a small Las Vegas chapel in May of 2000. Dayanara put her career on hold and became a homemaker. By 2003, she had given birth to two sons, Cristian and Ryan.

The couple came to regret having forgone a proper wedding, and, with further motivation coming from hitting a rough patch in their marriage, they renewed their vows in style in December of 2002. The magnificent event was held in the 500-year-old San Juan Cathedral with over 200 guests in attendance. Marc and Dayanara further cemented their relationship in the public eye by appearing together in a New York Tourism Council commercial.

j.lo steals dayanara's man

Despite these efforts, it soon became obvious the marriage was on shaky grounds. The former Miss Universe filed for divorce and the papers were finalized in June 2004. A scant four days later, Marc Anthony married his new flame Jennifer Lopez.

Dayanara came from a very religious background, and her parents urged her to reconcile with her husband, going so far as to employ priests and a Santeria shaman to apply additional pressure. But the marriage was over.

While Daynara made it clear that the divorce was hard on her, she has been considerably restrained on the subject (this may be attributed to a clause in the divorce papers subjecting each former spouse to a $10,000 fine if they speak ill of one another in the press). She has resumed her modeling career, posing for magazines like Latina, People (Spanish Edition) and Cristina. Excited about the future, Dayanara currently lives in Miami with her two sons.


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