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To Muscle or not to Muscle



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  1. 1. So, muscle?

    • Lots of it!
    • Some, but, not too much.
    • Average amount, but, not much.
    • None. I'm practically a stick.
    • Other (Please specify below)

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I like women with athletic or thin figures. It signifies good health and discipline to me.

Thin is kind of a relative term, I guess. But I do like to see a little bit of bicep on a woman. It's like a little extra curve, and that's what female beauty is all about. And I just adore round sculpted deltoids. Again, curves. Yasmeen Ghauri is definitely the foremost in that area: the sexiest shoulders in the world.

Prominent six-packs I don't like at all. But I like it when you can see some muscles in a woman's abs. Marissa Miller, for example, has the loveliest "cingulate" line of muscle that sort of circumnavigates her belly. Truly beautiful to behold.

Both these gals are somewhat extreme examples, and I'm not saying I'd want all women to look like that by any means; it's just that I like to look at these two particular ones. It is possible for a woman to have too much muscle in my eyes; Cindy had arms that looked too big for my taste at one point, and that workout gal, what's her name, who goes around to people's houses to shape up their eating habits; she's a bit much too. But it's hard to get that way.

Bottom line, muscles in reasonable amounts = extra curves and beauty. That's my opinion.

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