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Marihenny Rivera Pasible

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Marihenny in LurveMarihenny Rivera has a retro vibe for the fall-winter edition of Lurve Magazine, photographed by Matteo Montanari. Wearing a wardrobe of chic looks including fur, platforms and palliates styled by Moreno Galata; Marihenny is a vision in the colorful designs of Prada amongst others.

post-35528-0-1446074782-08821_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-11668_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-15752_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-19241_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-24196_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-30091_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-37143_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-44246_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-4578_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074782-48268_thumb.jpg

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Technologic – Tapping into this season’s trend of sporty luxe looks, the latest Oyster Magazine features Marihenny Rivera in thoroughly modern ensembles photographed by Bjarne Jonasson. Wearing a wardrobe selected by stylist Delphine Danhier, Marihenny hits the studio in designs from the likes of Blumarine, Y-3 and Stella McCartney with a cool nonchalance. / Hair by Andre Gunn, Makeup by Karan Franjola

post-35528-0-1446074786-63135_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-68027_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-72573_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-77418_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-82055_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-84975_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-87856_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446074786-90158_thumb.jpg

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