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Strawberry blonde Palmers model


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I am sure you can find them bigger elsewhere. i don't have the time to spend searching for HQs. I am trying to update models threads that haven't been touched anywhere from 1 year to 4 years. Some of these threads don't have models last name or agencies which very few people have the skill set to do. Most the members on here can get HQs or find them. 

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I understand that FMD says that Julia goes by the last name Ende but I don't trust FMD 100%. It's user generated and people were able to put other models pictures and info by mistake. When her portfolio was created at FMD, you didn't even need sources. Moderators would just add whatever info anyone told them that though could be true.  Can an outsider confirm that girl to left is the same girl to right?
post-43653-0-1446128064-5737_thumb.jpglekcjarytmikikolorow_bw02.jpg  vs 221_01.jpg




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teresa from Look circa 2009. Can't find more pictures of her. Will look for her. in the mean times do you think this is her:


justMagic_Judy.jpgth_c9d0bd69425148.gif/monthly_04_2015/post-43653-0-1593918248-69269_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="palmers_Summer_Light.jpg"> 

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