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Kendall Jenner


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In a lot of the pictures, she reminds me of Posh Beckham :blink: I think she needs to be a kid for awhile before her Mom pushes her into this. She'll be pretty and she certainly is tall but she honestly looks better in her candids......hasn't learned to pose quite yet......or stand out.......but her Mom will push it and push it so she will have success.

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^Yes true, her mother is a fame pushing machine, but I personally believe Kendall is wayyyy more beautiful than any of her sisters, and could actually be sucessful in modeling even if her mom wasn't a PR queen or without her sisters fame to help. Kendall has natrually long thin legs, shes very tall, long thin torso, and she has dark eyes and dark hair, she already looks the part of a model!

The Marcc Lookbook pics are gorgeous! :o

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