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Ocean Moon

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it does not sound like a real name, it is a nice name is different i was just wondering if her name was really ocean and her last name moon and if you put it together it does not sound like a real name. it sound more like a name of a hotel or a bar, or a name of a city. and if it is her real name is moon her last name or her middle name? moon i have heard it as a name, and ocean have heard it as a last name, her name would sound more real to me if it would be moon ocean.

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As far as we know yes.

I think it's a lovely name...and some parents don't mind out-there names. Why must it be in doubt? lol

Well there's dount because most people aren't names after inanimate objects but i have heard stranger names. Good luck to ocean :)

the worst name i heard on a person is harry dick. i don't know what he's parent were thinking.

anyways majority celebrities names are not their real names, the majority of them change it.

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I agree with Ophelia_Immortal. Just think of actress Soleil Moon Frye

... or Mädchen Amick. Mädchen is German for girl :rofl: (Her parents are German and in interviews she always tries to convince everyone that her name means 'young pretty maiden' :cain: poor thing... )


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