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Lady Admin ?


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So interresting she claims to be an Administrator and it says Registered: Today

That's what I call moving up the latter (Y)

Thanks for reporting this :) and to you all for testifying :flower: . I disabled her posting ability for the mean time and will let the administrators take it from there. This is the third PM oriented spammer I've seen and they're the worst of them all because they're so sneaky <_< .

Thanks again :) !

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The first one I got was from Lady Admin. Today it was from LadyAdministrator. I've deleted the messages, but basically it said that Bellazon had detected a virus on my computer, and recommended that I go to a certian site to do an online scan of my computer. Something needs to be done to stop these assholes from even joining here.

Everyday, I stop 30+ spammers from joining the JosieMaran-World Forum. Someone here needs to be checking who is trying to join, before they get approved.

I started checking applicants at http://www.stopforumspam.com/ and eventually started recognizing username patterns, as well as IP Addresses.

I also searched through our Members List, using their IP addresses, and I found 3000 of them. None of them had posted, but they all had links to drugs or porn in their profile pages. I wonder how many thousands of them became members here?

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^thats what I did. I searched "adim" in the members list and this ladyadministrator came up ... :cain: no more abbreviations for her I guess. I spotted it right away and brought this to the attention of the TRUE admins here. I disable her posting ability and suspended her account for now. I can only do that, pm'ing ... I'm not surek. She'll be delt with soon enough.

Thanks again all for your help.

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