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Wentworth Miller


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Jesazz how old are you then. my mom is a few years older than him .. and I'm 19 so i would still tap that LOL .. he's only 35 my mom is 39 ... :)

thanks for all the pics, tinkerbell, you're awesome.

I'm 18 but my mom had me young so they were born in the same year. I could just see it being awekward.

*Goes into dream world where dating Wentworth is possible!*

"No grandma! He's MY boyfriend!" :p

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He's absolutely dreamy.

I've heard rumours that Prison Break won't last long though :(

The only upside to that is that he'll have more time to play in movies ^^

I just hope he doesn't turn out like one of those really hot/good actors that vanish after a while >.>

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I don't think its fair to think hes gay just cos he doesnt flaunt his relationships. Maybe his being very discreet for a reason and its not that hard to hide a relationship as long as you dont go to the Ivy for lunch etc and flaunt it. There is a possibility but there were rumors that he was going out with some asian lady. Although he is famous, he isnt photographed and papped/talked about as much as say Orlando Bloom and other celebs cos hes low key :)

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